Frequently Asked Questions            

  • How much space is required for the photo shoot?
    It will take a minimum area of 14 feet by 24 feet. Also remember that there must be access to the photo area by the parents so they can view the photos.

  • I  do not have an order form what can I do?
    Extra order forms will be available at your school on the date of your Picture Day.

  • What types of payments do you accept?

  • We accept cash, check Visa or Mastercard at this time.
  • When will I be able to see the proofs?
    You will be able to see the proofs immediately on the photographers Monitor. If you are not happy with the images shown we will take more photos.

  • Are there any sitting fees?
    No we do not charge a sitting fee.

  • Can more than 1 person be in the photo?
    Yes, there is a $7.00 charge for each additional person/pose.

  • When and where will the photographs be delivered?
    In 3 to 4 weeks to the school.

  • Do I have to have my picture done on the same color background as the rest of the students?
    No, you can choose any background you like.

  • I just want to order a photo sculpture. Can I do that?

  • Gift items can only be purchased with photo packages. Or at a later date after package purchase.
  • Can I mix the poses in my package?
    No, however you can have up to 3 different poses on select backgrounds. There is a $7.00 fee for each additional pose after the first one. See the photo gallery for examples.

  • Can I order more pictures at a later date?
    Yes, simply call our office to place your order.

  • We save all photos on CD.
  • How can I help to ensure my satisfaction?
    Come prepared to have a professional photograph taken of you and or your children. Clothes should be neat, clean and include all school patches. Hair should be neat and combed.

  • What satisfaction guarantee will I have?
    We offers a 100%, money back, satisfaction guarantee! If for any reason with in 14 days of receiving your photos you are not completely satisfied, simply return all the pictures for a full refund. To ensure your satisfaction, we do the following:

    a. Each student is given a 5-minute appointment to ensure they are not rushed. During this time questions are answered, uniforms are adjusted; weapons (if allowed) are chosen, etc.

    b. Multiple pictures are taken of the same pose to ensure at least 2-3 good pictures for you to choose from.